Jan 28, 2009
New Year! More Stuff! Wahoo!
Greetings from the mid-point of what seems to be the eternal winter. So far this month, we've got ourselves some confirmed dates for "Defending the Caveman" @ Theatre Aquarius in Hamilton in May. Check the "Gigs" Page for more on that one. The week of Feb. 10th to the 14th, I am revisiting a small comedy sketch last performed a number of years ago in Cabbagetown's 'No Sweetheart Required' and tomorrow I'm getting a whole whackload of photos taken.. so expect some new stuff in the photos fairly soon.

The Les Coquettes show at the Revival on the 22nd of February is expected to sell very well and give the Oscars a run for its money, so look into that Pronto.

More soon! Hope you're all well!