Feb 14, 2009
Closing and Closer! Fun with Alliterations!
Oh yeah. It's also Valentine's Day. ...[pause]... Anyway, tonight is the final night of "The Tip" for Cabbagetown's ' No Sweetheart Required' run! Reports say this evening's shindig will be by far our largest crowd. Jolly!

CLOSER - This week I secured a role in the 4-hander 'Closer' by Patrick Marber! (You may have caught the film with Jude Law, Clive Owen, Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman a few years back.) I'm feeling quite honoured to be in this one as the 4 roles are heavy and juicy and were auditioned for by 140 actors. Our first meet is sometime this week and the Show opens April 17th. More on that as it comes...

Oh fine. And a Happy Valentine's Day. There. Yeeech.