Jul 7, 2009
Get Your Visits in...
.. Cause it's about to get buuuusy!
First off, I miss the Fringe a lot. Today is Toronto Fringe's Hump Day and every year, I manage to fill my schedule with Fringe chatter and all social delights whether I'm involved in a show or not. Remind me to do another tour next year...

And if all else goes to plan, the next month contains: two cottage trips, a week of house sitting, the shooting of two different webisode shootings, two burlesque shows, rehearsals for all of the aforementioned stuff, an exam and a wedding (just a guest!) - and once that is all done, we leave the very same day and head to Alberta to shoot for 2 - 3 weeks (Which we will have had at least 3 rehearsals for before we go). Wow. I'm tired just thinking about it. Exciting stuff though. Somewhere in there, I need to drag my butt to the passport office. Y'know, to keep things from being exciting ALL the time.

Bottom line: let's visit quick! 'Lest wait till September!