Sep 2, 2009
Bye bye Summer.
Ah yes.. Well, it technically doesn't end for another 20 days or so, but now that it's September and since Mother Nature gave us the brush off this year, we might as well accept the inevitable and admit that Summer '09 is over. Which means a new season of almost everything has begun...

This fall, 'Caveman' is booked in 3 cities, and I may decide to venture into the land of representation as I believe I've run the self-representation as far as I can run it and while I love what I'm doing, the future is big and thinkin' I can do everything on my own is just silly.

Other fall activities: Les Coquettes on October 25th, Nuit Blanche on October 3rd and a possible guest appearance with Boylesque TO in early November. All righty, it's turning into Autumn, which at last check was a great time for some landscape shots. On we go.. Hope you're all well!