Oct 7, 2009
oh fine, ...
...since I'm here, I fixed the gigs page (long overdue), embedded Flickr for the photography, threw up a few more shots of stuff (I'll be changing that page soon, that gallery's css coding needs work) and added the Personal Trainer bit to the resume. (So if you're sitting around too much, you let me know... See how that works? Lovely..) Okay, that's it for real now.

Oh October, you busy little minx...
Right then! Let's ignore the fact that summer took the cue and plummeted straight into winter, shall we? Okay, so September was a breeze and October and beyond is starting to look a little bit more like there's some active shenanigans going on.. How 'bout that!
In the last week, good times were had dressing up for a photo shoot for our next Les Coquettes show on the 25th and I've started to turn the refresher gears for the Saskatchewan performance of Defending the Caveman on the 22nd. Thanksgiving weekend will be the 4th wedding I've attended in 5 weeks followed by a small shoot for Telus that I'm sure I'll cover later. Whee!
I can't say I'm bored, so that's a gas. I'll write more when there is more.. Hope you're all well!