Oct 24, 2009
Thank You Prince Albert!
Well, I've returned home to Toronto (under the same cloud cover that gracefully extends thousands of kilometers across this very dreary, dreary Autumn we're having) and lemme tell ya, that was a fantastic trip - Granted, it could push the record for the shortest tour ever, but who cares!

The kind folks in Prince Albert were so hospitable, it was crazy - To the point where it made me realize I haven't been leaving the big city enough to remind myself that there are people out there who, when they strike up a conversation with you, aren't trying to sell you something or just scam you. Sometimes, some people are just friendly.

So for the very brief taste of the praries, the huge supply of Coke Zero, the food from Amy's on Second and for the standing ovation: Thank you Prince Albert! Hope to cross paths again!!

Oct 18, 2009
Saskatchewan! This Week Only! One Show Only!
If you are reading this, odds are, you are not from Prince Albert Saskatchewan. However, Defending the Caveman is trumping that ratio and is becoming a resident of Prince Albert for one show only on Thursday, October 22nd. Ticket link is available on the Gigs page.
A hearty hello goes out to old friends in Saskatoon - hope to see you out if you can spare the drive...