Oct 29, 2009
Tickets = Gonzo! All 880 of 'em!

... if you waited until now to get tickets for the November 21st show of "Defending the Caveman" at the Rose Theatre in Brampton.....you..uh, you waited too long! I guess applying for a job as an usher might work...

In all seriousness though, thank you SO MUCH to everyone for helping make that a reality. Crazy excited to see you all there!! Wheee!

(New Les Coquettes show set for Dec 13th too!)

Oct 28, 2009
Still Flying from Sunday!
Lemme tell ya, if you missed "Dark Places" - the Les Coquettes Hallowe'en bash, you missed one AMAZING blow out, monster show - And I'm not just saying that because I was involved, but quite sincerely, it ranked as one of my favourite stage experiences I've ever had.

The crowd was on the ball, and they went absolutely ballistic when our (frighteningly accurate) Thriller rendition picked up the second act. What an amazing show. Stay tuned for Christmas - there may be less blood, but maybe a little more naughty and nice.

(Looking forward to getting some Defending the Caveman shows out there in November as well - I'll post more about those shortly.. Have a Happy Hallowe'en! Be safe!)