Nov 22, 2009
Okay, that was Awesome. (capital 'a')
Right then. November has been a little busier than I thought with a couple of music video shoots with zombies (gorgeous weather! thank you Mr. Big Man!) and two guests appearances with Boylesque T.O, rehearsals starting for Les Coquettes Holiday show and a killer show in Brampton, which prompted this little posting.....

Oh my goodness... The laughter of almost 1000 people is a wonderful, wonderful experience. And as the first time I've ever had that opportunity, the performance at The Rose Theatre in Brampton, Ontario on Nov. 21st, 2009 will stick with me for a long, long time. A big shout goes out to Lynne Terry (a cast member from my very first show!), all of the Bondys for being overwhelmingly and consistently supportive (okay, and for the candy) and to Lesley Pike (singer/songwriter/performer extraordinaire) for her inspiration and amazing talents that play at every show (listen to her stuff here -you're missing out:

Christmas is coming so I best go get ready... Thanks for following! Be Merry!