Jun 3, 2010
It's JUNE?!?!
Wow.. Sorry folks.. I haven't been slacking.. I've just been chin-deep in other nonsense.

Okay.. SHOW! Les Coquettes show on June 20th! INchoir Within (did I mention I'm singing in a choir now?) performs on July 2nd, I am currently driving directors and filmmakers around at the World Wide Short Film Festival. And I spent a weekend in April as Sean Connery. Big fun.. Sorry to not keep you posted on all that. Defending the Caveman is currently on hold as "behind the scenes" administrative stuff is being worked out.

2010 has been an educational experience so far, ideally I'd like to see some big events happen shortly. We shall see. Until then, I hope to see you on the 20th! I'll update the "gigs page when I re-install everything.. (New computer.. still transferring everything.) Thanks for continuing to stop by!

Hope you're enjoying this early summer!