Aug 4, 2010
Sorry to have left the gigs page anything but "updated" over the last stretch. It has been so long, I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things I've done along the way.. No matter.

Now that we're up to speed mind you, there's at least a few "Coquettes" shows to look forward to once the summer wraps up -which, it will inevitably will- and I'm still working on getting "Defending the Caveman" happening.. which I will keep you all posted on once there's something to keep you posted about.

In the mean time, I hope everyone's days are bright and healthy...

Aug 3, 2010
Demo Reel!
Okay well, it has taken too long to confidently mention, but the demo reel is finally, well, it's 98.5% done. I haven't added it to the Video page but it's on youtube and I'll embed it shortly! In other news, the fringers are long gone and on their way to Edmonton shortly, Toronto's Best of the Fringe is wrapped up and in case someone needs to crack their sun-soaked buns into shape, I'm accepting new clients. So get cracking.

Anyhow, more to update everyone on soon I'm sure. He's me in 2 dimensions: