Jul 23, 2011
Small Lesson:
(E-Oh-So-No-Cana-Daisy) means "I am Canadian" in Italian.
(Molto - Fahm-may) means "Very Hungry".

Knowing these two things makes life wonderful in Italy.

Jolly good.

Jul 18, 2011
Oh. And hello to "thatboard.com". I have no idea what was in the post that is sending you all here, but a big hello anyway! And if anyone cares to enlighten me as to 'why me' all of sudden, that'd be funky. - (By the way, you're using the wrong instance of "it's" on your home page. hehe Love you!) )

Okay - So, I'm finishing up filming "Paranormal Witness" and having bigfoot kick the tar out of me (with all of the awesome people from that shoot - Send me an email if you're out there reading this!!) when I get a call from my agency... Turns out an audition from a couple weeks back went well... Long story short: I'm off to Italy and Croatia for a month to host a season of HG TV's "Live Here, Buy This" ! After that, we'll be off to Vancouver followed by a couple other continents.. No, seriously.

So that'll take us right up until Christmas. So feel free to follow along as I kinda sorta travel the frickin EARTH on a few days notice. Good grief, what a crazy life.

Hope your summers are all going wonderfully well - I hate to leave you in the middle of the gorgeous, gooey, hot and sunny weather! But alas, the future awaits... Please say hello if you're out there! Later!