Oct 8, 2011
Oh yes - more art for your face...
.. And for those of you in the UK - like Essex or Leicestershire University, who happen to fancy, y'know, music - Sunday and Monday is your last chance to see Lesley Pike who, by total fluke, has been touring the UK at the same time. You should go. It's good for you.

Travel, travel, travel...
Okay, since my last post I think more than 2 months have gone by and I've visited 2 cities in Croatia, 4 cities on Canada's West Coast, 3 cities in Britain and I'm on my 4th city in Ireland.

I don't know if you've ever toured around before, but the whole "I forget where I was 3 days ago" phenomenon is pretty strange. I had to spend about 3 or 4 minutes thinking, just so I could correctly write down that first sentence. So weird.

The next time I write here I'll be in Costa Rica followed by Panama. As in Van Halen. Oh yes.
Hope you're all very, very well and I wish all of my Canadian friends a very happy Thanksgiving weekend..... without me... sniff.....