Apr 26, 2013
Fitness via the Facebook Feed.
This video is great. The only thing I'd "disagree" on is: my use of the word 'Fitness' is a general sweeping definition that encapsulates the entire spectrum of "health" - including movement. His use of the word describes typical "gym exercising". But I digress, we're splitting hairs here. I've been incorporating some balance styled exercises over the last while, now I have to do it more. Because, awesomeness.


Apr 25, 2013
What I've learned by Post #2
I'm learning that writing is pretty addictive and sometimes I can babble. - Especially about socially awkward things like Facebook friends that post on and on about their workout.

Because the blog post I'm writing on that one is taking FOREVER. People really need to do that less.

Apr 22, 2013
Fitness. Just Thinkin' About It.

Y'know, I was thinking about making my first blog post this thought provoking diatribe into why I chose to do fitness as a "side-job" and so forth, but I decided to not bother. Why? Because let's be honest, you already know why it's a good idea - the exact same reasons that make most folks feel guilty for not doing in the first place.

I will admit that holding clients as an actor can sometimes be impossible, but fitness as a whole isn't something that you need to squeeze into your day like you would a client appointment, fitness is, quite simply, a lifestyle.

Let's use what is one of the largest reasons for most people to not exercise: Having kids (no time left!). Anyone who has ever had a child will tell you: Don't wait until you "have enough money" or "have enough time" because there is never the perfect time. Have the child, then figure it out. That's how it has worked since we were knuckle dragging. The child becomes your life. You don't "squeeze the child in" between meals and business hours.

Same with your fitness - don't wait until you have "lots of time" or "the right equipment"...  Just start doing it. Make the time. *Nobody* "has" the time. Make it a part of your life, not a part of your day. Making a choice takes a split second. Everyone has that time.

However, so far, I've also gobbled up about 2 minutes of your time reading this. If you're not a fitness person and you don't know how to get started, consider this blog post today's work out. Why? Sure, you didn't "hit the gym", but you're putting your mind to fitness stuff - you're playing with the idea of "maybe being a bit more disciplined". You're kinda picturing what it would be like if you stuck with a plan. Or maybe what things would be like 8 months from now if you worked really hard at things. Think about that for a second. No, really: Stop reading and just imagine it.

Getting your thoughts in the right place is a huge, if not, the largest part of following through. Be proud of yourself. We'll shoot for more concrete stuff later. Every tiny step counts, don't ignore them, be proud of them. If you're wondering how to start, it's real easy: You just did. Keep thinking on it.
Chat later.

Apr 21, 2013
Switched to Google+ for Blog Posts
I'm keeping everything as integrated as I can here.. and hopefully this switch didn't mess things up too much... Let's see what happens when I push publish....

 Whew!! Still here.. Very nice.

Almost Set...
Not many will actually read this post as I'm still setting it up. The post previous to these posts are older thanks to the fact that I've simply replaced the old blog with my Twitter feed for the past year or so. So if you're a weird one who's actually glanced this far down, feel free to scroll down and read posts from the years gone by....