Jun 2, 2013
Ah, Children.
I was juts going to post: Parents, mind your kids!!!

But that just wouldn't quite cut it. So far, virtually ever time I've been using the (fabulous) hotel gym out here in Halifax, there have been children - and by that I mean *actual* children - ages 5 to 11 that have infiltrated the sanctuary of high heart rates and manically started pressing every button on the machines and moving weights around that are practically a 1:1 body weight ratio.

I am not, nor is anyone else who happens to be using the gym, a guardian or babysitter. Well, if you were paying us, maybe. However, because your watchful eye is markedly absent, now I'm forced, as a result of not being completely ignorant, to keep an eye on your boy who has now got the treadmill up to 11mph, which he MIGHT be able to handle if he was, y'know, someone else entirely who happened to be a decade older.

Of course, I also have to keep my watchful eye buried in my bitterly disturbed workout, because if I keep an eye TOO noticeably, suddenly I'm seen as some kind of a predator. It's a lose-lose-lose situation for me, I'm supposed to be exercising,  and now it's difficult: Bad. If there's an accident, bad, suddenly I'm all involved, bad. And I'll likely get blamed for not preventing it. Bad. And infuriating. Your kid's almost killing himself -also bad- while you're off sitting in a sauna somewhere. I hate you.

I understand you wanting a vacation. So go on one. And don't bring your kids. The gym is not a playground: Perish the thought if I spoke up and said "Hey! This isn't a playground!" while you were busy not parenting somewhere... Wow, you'd probably bite my head off. Also bad.