Aug 25, 2014
Granted, it's not easy.

Wow. Has it Ever been a while. Let me Explain...
Hello all.

 I gather there's only a few people out there who are regularly checking this - and even if there is, they've likely long stopped checking.

  So hello and welcome back. This year, 2014, has been a real doozy so far. I say "so far" as August is wrapping up, so it's safe to say, that it's more of a theme by now. The acting industry has been very quiet and the training is also quiet, plus...

The last 10 months or so I've been struggling with mobility issues - even people who are into fitness can get them, sometimes even moreso.. especially with that whole age thing that won't go away. Current status: Feeling a bit better. Lots of exercises and stretching to introduce to my daily routine. Big fun.

  1) Folks. Attend to your injuries. 2) Bone, joint and mobility injuries don't heal like a slice, cut or a scratch. They can take months of therapy and they still may require attending to in a particular fashion. For me, it's my lower lumbar spine and my rotator cuff giving me problems and wow, they affect everything. The bright side is the NorthWestern part of my body is working fine.
3) Boy, I wish physio therapy was covered. That'd be VERY handy.

 I'll get into details later, but for now I thought I'd say hello and try to get back into some more regular posting.

 Also in light of the lighter year, the training still hasn't stopped. If you've been toying with the idea of introducing some healthiness into your life, I'd love to help.

 Thanks for stickin' around...