Sep 16, 2014
The "At Least Move Your Ass For Sassiness" Challenge.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the final run of the final Les Coquettes show EVER is in 6 weeks.

6 weeks.

Beyond normal rehearsals, there's also getting yourself physically ready for a show. Not necessarily because there's dozens of stunts to do but rather, let's be honest, it's a cabaret show...... You want to go into the show at the height of fitness rather than at a low end of fitness. And that takes work and prep. Wanna try it?

I'm throwing this out there: You have 6 weeks. Get a hold of me by phone, Facebook, G+, Twitter... whatever.. I'll put you in a Google hangout and I'll tell you to get to work every single time I get to work, or at least pressure you to make sure it gets done.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little nudge for some to finally start moving. Consider yourself nudged. It costs nothing to send me a message. I'm doing the work: you can do the work. Simple as that.

Besides, it'll be Hallowe'en. Don't tell me you don't want your costume to look even better.

It's time to start. Yesterday.