Jan 5, 2015
Happy New Year Everyone!
Well, 2014 is finally over and I'll be honest, I won't miss it for a second. That fumble of a year couldn't go a moment too soon.

2014 being the runt of the litter of years so far this century, there's a little bit of limping into this year instead of charging like a horse like so many "motivational"social media posts seem to do.

To start things off, I'm doing the classic "Swole workout" program for the first 4 months. And I'll see how that goes. I can get into details about that later.

I'm also turning on the flow a little bit in trying to get some new clients in.

So if you're in Toronto and you've got fitness goals in mind and you've decided that this is the year that you're going to change your life, I'd love to help. I have a private gym in my home in Central Toronto and am accepting clients. Being an actor, I have a crazy flexible schedule, so drop me a line at davelapsley at gmail.com or over Twitter and we'll chat.

Have a happy new year everyone...

Let's see what happens.....