Mar 28, 2015
Goodbye Winter
I'm not one to praise winter that often spare on its own exit.
Yes, I realize I should try to suck the marrow out of life and all that, but I need to be honest: I can't stand that season. Cold, endless and dark.... bllleaaaahhhh

And with warmer weather comes more activity, more outdoors and more beaches. Oh goody.

April is almost upon us and for those of who who are hoping to get cracking on being in shape for the summer, the time is exactly right now!!
Please come and workout with me. If you want changes, we can make that happen.

In other exercise news, I'm entering the 4th month of Cory Gregory's Swole program which I mentioned back in January. It has been pretty fun so far, there's a few more pounds on me and I'm going to need to be buying some new button down shirts because they're becoming too small in all the good ways.

Hope you're all emerging from hibernation well. See you in the gym....