Jan 3, 2017
How is it 2017?
Okay, as you can see, I don't hit this blog spot very often, so I'm overdue for some change ups as far as web-identity goes,

In either case, Happy New year everyone. Hope your holidays were grand. I'm taking a shot at starting a small web-channel called "But I Don't Wanna Fitness" for those that have to be honest and don't want to exercise although they know they should. I've got a spot on Twitter, Instagram and youtube. There's currently about 5 humble viewers, so feel free to be one of the first regulars.

Hope you're all well...

Oct 17, 2015
See? Told you I like Summer
So I make a post about winter vanishing and I promptly vanish along with it.

Hope you've all been well. The summer was an interesting one, I made it to the west coast, saw some whales and injured my elbow. And now there's some tendinitis in my knee. Needless to say, consistent exercise has been tricky for the past few months.

In any case, that doesn't mean it's impossible. Lots of modifying and avoiding certain movements but we're still gettin' er done, as they say.

As we sadly descend into another winter, we're going to make use of our time indoors and keep fit and active so the spring will be a very healthy one. I say 'We' because you should do it too. Always here to help...

Chat soon all.

Mar 28, 2015
Goodbye Winter
I'm not one to praise winter that often spare on its own exit.
Yes, I realize I should try to suck the marrow out of life and all that, but I need to be honest: I can't stand that season. Cold, endless and dark.... bllleaaaahhhh

And with warmer weather comes more activity, more outdoors and more beaches. Oh goody.

April is almost upon us and for those of who who are hoping to get cracking on being in shape for the summer, the time is exactly right now!!
Please come and workout with me. If you want changes, we can make that happen.

In other exercise news, I'm entering the 4th month of Cory Gregory's Swole program which I mentioned back in January. It has been pretty fun so far, there's a few more pounds on me and I'm going to need to be buying some new button down shirts because they're becoming too small in all the good ways.

Hope you're all emerging from hibernation well. See you in the gym....

Jan 5, 2015
Happy New Year Everyone!
Well, 2014 is finally over and I'll be honest, I won't miss it for a second. That fumble of a year couldn't go a moment too soon.

2014 being the runt of the litter of years so far this century, there's a little bit of limping into this year instead of charging like a horse like so many "motivational"social media posts seem to do.

To start things off, I'm doing the classic "Swole workout" program for the first 4 months. And I'll see how that goes. I can get into details about that later.

I'm also turning on the flow a little bit in trying to get some new clients in.

So if you're in Toronto and you've got fitness goals in mind and you've decided that this is the year that you're going to change your life, I'd love to help. I have a private gym in my home in Central Toronto and am accepting clients. Being an actor, I have a crazy flexible schedule, so drop me a line at davelapsley at gmail.com or over Twitter and we'll chat.

Have a happy new year everyone...

Let's see what happens.....


Sep 16, 2014
The "At Least Move Your Ass For Sassiness" Challenge.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the final run of the final Les Coquettes show EVER is in 6 weeks.

6 weeks.

Beyond normal rehearsals, there's also getting yourself physically ready for a show. Not necessarily because there's dozens of stunts to do but rather, let's be honest, it's a cabaret show...... You want to go into the show at the height of fitness rather than at a low end of fitness. And that takes work and prep. Wanna try it?

I'm throwing this out there: You have 6 weeks. Get a hold of me by phone, Facebook, G+, Twitter... whatever.. I'll put you in a Google hangout and I'll tell you to get to work every single time I get to work, or at least pressure you to make sure it gets done.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little nudge for some to finally start moving. Consider yourself nudged. It costs nothing to send me a message. I'm doing the work: you can do the work. Simple as that.

Besides, it'll be Hallowe'en. Don't tell me you don't want your costume to look even better.

It's time to start. Yesterday.

Sep 9, 2014
Not today.
No workout today as life was too busy being occupied by making sure I was being thoroughly kicked in the balls all day.

So tomorrow's rest day inadvertently happened today and I'll have to fit in today's workout tomorrow when I'm not running around trying to erase the disaster that was today.


Sep 4, 2014
Fitness meme of the day....

The blogger app is strange..  I added the pic but I'm not sure where the link will appear in the post..  Let's see what happens..